My drive/ motivation

I was born and raised in the Netherlands by a Dutch father and English mother. As such I was raised bilingual and speak both English and Dutch fluently.

Below you will find my motivation and why I'm so focused on acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the IT field.

I completed secundary school on GCSE level and possess the necessary requirements to be admissable into college.

Until recently I worked as an administrative assistant. I have always been interested in technoligy and automated systems and decided it was time to pursue a career in IT. 

With the skills I have acquired I will be able to apply for a job as IT manager.

I have been raised bilingual and as a native speaker am skilled in English correspondence (Cambridge).
If, based on the information on this site, you feel I would be a good addition to your team, please don't hestitate to contact me.
At the present time I am still in training at Komp u ter hulp and a wish list of additional knowledge and skills can still be submitted.