My drive/motivation






As you will see below I started with a high pace straight away. (07-27-2016)

On day 1 I was given a technically sound computer to install Windows 7 Professional and other software.

I also learned about hard disk partitions and how to make an image after installation of the new operating system.

While waiting for the Windows 7 installation to complete I was taught about motherboard components, IDE, Sata, video cards, memory and CPU.

I was also taught what a router does, how to connect to a router and set the SSID and Wifi password

The second day I took apart a tower PC and put it back together. Furthermore I was expected to know what every component's function was.

Then I moved on to routersettings; to start up a computer via the network with Wake On Lan (WOL) using the MAC number and IP address. I could even perform this task from home and by accessing the camera's at Komp u ter Hulp was able to see whether the WOL worked as intended.

Because most of the theory is directly put into practice it is very manageable.

The blue subjects you see below I completed in the first 3 days. 

On day 4 I started building my own website. This website and my curriculum will be updated depending on my progress

V The first 3 days  


V Other already treated parts  


  Comptia A+ & Security  
Comptia A+ 901
Comptia A+ 902
IT Skills                           
  Comptia technician  
  Comptia network  

V Treated  
V Bios Basic In en Output System 1
V Boot sequence CD/DVD first 2
V Installing Windows 7 according to device list 3
V Add sata drivers 4
V Find installing drivers, extracting 7-zip etc. 5

Enable Administrator

V Documents on D user 7
V Documents on  D administrator 8
V I-tunes on D 9
V Remove unnecessary files 10
V  Installing Windows 10  
(+ 5
t / m 10) Disc Format Activation W7 and W10 hash value
. Private settings. 
V Activation Win7 & W10 hash valeu 12
V Disk Management
Reduce C 
& create D
V Hyberfil SYS
  Hardware theory  
V Computer generations 13
V BIOS and battery,  audio, video 14
V Power supply. Sound cable on DVD 15
V Harddisk IDE master slave, jumpers 16
V Sata 7200 & IDE 5200 r/m 17
V SCSI disks 10k-15k 18
V Motherboard and components 19
Processor and memory 20
V MS DOS, Program Batch file 21
V BurnInTest 22


Difference between Dutch and American electricity system 23
V Country overview and plug type 24
V U= i x r 25
RCD, leakage current, other grounding. 26
V From AC to DC and why adapters 27
V Emergency generator (trickle charger and fuel) 28
V Uninterruptible power supply (UPS bios and save data) 29
V Batteries. Sizes and indications AA etc. 30
V Computer completely disassemble and reassemble 31
V Bios flash 32
V Making an image 33
  Partitioning software and clones 34
  Image restore. 35
  Hard disk copy with an image and partitioning software 36
  Hard Disk shredding data, erase 37
  Data save  
  Crashed PC without working operating OS and GPT disk 38
  Configure a virtual bootable 8.1 USB stick 39
  GPT disk copy files to MBR disk / NAS 40
  Converting GPT to NTFS 41
  Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk without Data Loss 42
V Hard drive testing, errors and worked hours  43




Who owns the Internet?
ISOC, Infrastructure
Netting, subscriptions FUP
Cable, copper, glass fiber
V Access router settings 44
V Find the Manual from a router type so you can find out how to access that device with the right ip number 45
V Rename ISDN  and Wifi security 46
V Wake on lan. Mac en IP. Magic package Intranet 47
V Create and run a functional network design with firewall, server and clients 48
V Hubs 49
Power over LAN 50
V Repeaters 51
V Installing and configuring a network printer 52
V Cisco 4, Ziggo 2 wires 53
V Making a network cable and testing 54
V  Access NAS external hard drive into a computer network
Sharing files.
V Raid 1-5 & SCSI technology 56
V Vlan  OSI structure 57
V  IPv6 Manual and test 58
V Binair 59
  Thin Clients  
V Thin Clients Windows 7 en 10 60
V Virtual disk, Reboot restore, Returnill, Windows steady 61
V Ubuntu 10.04 with thin clients 
(2 extra clients)
V Ubuntu with Win7 transformation pack 63
V Ubuntu thin clients 64
  Portfolio, creating a website   
V Creating a website in HTML 4 & 5 Building portfolio  65
  Mail client configuration in Outlook en Thunderbird 66
  Install Email and transfer them to another computer and / or OS 67
  Outlook Express mailfolders (XP) to Thunderbird.  68
  Windows mail to Live mail. Vista to Win7 69
  Configuring Outlook. transfer PST files  70
  Server 2012, exchange mailserver  
V Creating room for 1 Server and 2 users (employees, cals) 71
V Installing Server 2012 72
V  Raid drivers 73
V  Installing Active Directory, DNS and DHCP to Create a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller 74
V Adding Windows 7 Computers to a Windows Server 2012 Domain 75
V Installing Office 2013 ( Outlook) 76
V  Setup Exchange mailserver 2013 77
  Configuring Outlook 2013 on Server and communicating with 2 users 78
  Enable Multiple RDP Sessions in Windows 2012 79
  Setup Remote Desktop Services. Server and Windows 7 80
  Using VNC, Teamviewer 81
Wakeup On Lan (WOL). Server and domaincomputers. 82
  Router configuration. Port forwarding-triggering 83
V  Check whether a wake up lan computer really start, using internet-connected cameras 84
  Bios settings Server, automatic start and shutdown 85
  Automatically creating an image before the server goes down 86
V  Mirror, raid 1-5  87
  Raid configuration and Cryptolockers  88
  Basic and dynamic disks 89
  Watching a missed tv program doesn't work  (Silverlight) 90




SBB Beroepsonderwijs bedrijfsleven

Stichting Komp u ter Hulp (100092331)  (certificaat)


ICT-beheerder (25189) (Niveau 4


Medewerker beheer ICT (25191) (Niveau 3)


Medewerker ICT (25192) (Niveau 2)